Château Montifaud VS 35cl

Cognac Petite Champagne

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Distillery / brand
Ugni Blanc
Content Size
0.35 liter
Alcohol percentage
4 - 6 years
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Six generations, a single Passion

Description: Older than the minimum of 2 years of ageing required by the regulation, this VS sets the tone of what we can find in the Château Montifaud range.

Process: Artisanal distillation with light lees, aged few months in new french oak casks then several years in older casks.

Tasting notes: Vine flower and fruity taste (pear, apple). Powerful but round, supple and smooth. Not aggressive, no bitterness and not too much tannin.

To enjoy neat, its mellowness and roundness will give you an easy and pleasant start in the cognac discovery...

Its lively character will make the ideal basis for great cocktails. 

A great balance!

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