Pierre de Segonzac Extra

Cognac Grande Champagne

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0.7 liter
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50 years

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Today the family domain is the business of Pablo, the son of Christian. It is him who is in charge of the grape harvests, of the administrative management, of the storage of brandies and new plantations. With him a piece of new generation of man and vineyard come to immortalize an ancestral passion.

The vineyard is located in Grande Champagne, a district that is the land of the finest Cognacs. Today, Pierre's family is one of the few Cognac houses that are specialised in old Cognacs. The 75 acres vineyards are planted with Ugni-blanc. It is the traditional variety of grapes in Cognacs delimited area. Grapes are vinified into a light, fruity wine which is distilled on fine lees.

Pierre de Segonzac's Cognacs are aged in oak barrels from Limousin. Young "eaux-devie" are first stored in new barrels for one year, then moved to older casks. Each year, there is as much as 3% of Cognac production that evaporates. This evaporation is known as the Angels' share. Pierre's youngest blend ages at least seven years in casks before being sold.

Tasting notes:

Colour: mahogany

Bouquet: brioche and cigar box

Palate: Distilled by Pierre in the 70’s, this cognac represent the "rancio" charentais at its peak. Complex nose with notes of candied plum and apricot, brioche and cigar box. Ample palate, smooth and oppulent in mouth; great aromatic complexity

Finish: Lingering finish. A voluptuous experience full of sensuality


Food pairing: serve it with a Crême brûlée or a Tiramisu. Savour it pure or with a coffee from Honduras or Brazil to enjoyed over lengthy moment like a long conversation.

Gold Medal ICWS 2015 Bordeaux

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