Bunratty Mead 100cl

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Discovered by the Irish monks in the middle ages, Mead soon made its way into the courts of the Four Kings of Ireland and no banquet was complete without it. This honey-based drink was believed to have powers of virility and fertility, and it became custom for the bride and groom to drink Mead for one full moon after their wedding, hence the word "honeymoon". In Ireland today, it is still a tradition to toast the bride and groom with a glass of Mead when they depart on their honeymoon from the wedding feast.

Bunratty Mead can be drunk chilled, before meals or as a relaxing after dinner drink. You may also enjoy Mead on the rocks with a slice of lemon. In the winter, nothing takes the chill out better than Mead as a hot toddy. And you may wish to drink it at dinner with your chicken, turkey or game.

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