Rutte Barrel Aged Genever 5 years

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0.7 liter
Alcohol percentage
5 years
Cask number
Batch no.2
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Rutte’s distiller seeks out 5-year-old malt wines from various barrel types, combining them into a lovely blend, harmoniously balanced with distillates and extracts of no fewer than 8 botanicals. A 100% malt wine genever; full, complex, a hint of sweetness and sherry.

Botanicals: juniper, angelica, orris root, orange blossom

Palate: Wood, liquorice, floral, a touch of sherry, malt. The genever that whisky lovers will also appreciate.

Did you know: For centuries, Dordrecht used to be a wine city. Wine was imported into the city in barrels, from the ports. Rutte also ran a wine shop out of its distillery, and with ample empty wine caskets at his disposal, Jan Rutte created the very first five-year-old aged genever in the 1940s.

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