Marolo Grappa di Gewürztraminer

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The Classics
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Since 1977, Marolo has distilled the spirit of the land. Grappas made from the best Italian vineyards, valorizing the extraordinary varietal heritage of the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero, areas which are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage.

Marolo is based in Alba, the capital of the Langhe, one of the world’s premier winegrowing districts for its diversity of grape varietals and the quality of its wines.

Marolo’s grappas are a mirror of the incredible richness and diversity of the territory and viticulture. Not a neutral, standardized, industrial product, but a spirit able to narrate the grape from which it came, to enhance the varietal’s typical aromas, and express a unique, personal character linked to its land of origin.

Tasting Notes:

Clear grappa, intense, aromatically forthcoming and very pleasant aroma with hints of rose, William pear, black-currant and elder flowers. Noticeable recognition of the grape variety on the palate with a little spicyness.

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