Brazil Barbados 2019 The 1423 Single Barrel Selection

Distillery / brand
The 1423 Single Barrel Selection
Barbados, Brazil
Content Size
0.7 liter
Alcohol percentage
no age statement
Cask type
Moscatel Cask Finish
Number of bottles

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Distillery: Distillery: Foursquare and the Cachaca from an unknown distillery

Class: Molasses

Still type: Column

Distilled: N/A

S.B.S Brazil/Barbados derives from a single barrel yielding 323 bottles. The rum is a blend of column still rum from Brazil and Barbados which then has matured in a single barrel. Furthermore, the rum received a moscatel fnish. As both rums were not distilled in the same year it is not possible to assign an age to this rum. This is the first S.B.S expression deriving from two different countries. The result is very interesting.

Nose: Baked apples with soft spices of sandelwood and lemon thyme. The moscatel fnish adds a vinous touch and floral notes as well as a woody undertone. There is a bitter note to this rum reminding of orange marmelade.

Palate: Surprisingly strong and spicy with lush sweetness and pleasant vanilla notes. The fnish is very long with flavors of anise and wood.

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