Worthy Park 109 Dark 100cl

Single Estate Rum

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100% Copper Pot Distilled

Jamaica's Worthy Park Estate was founded in 1670 and has been home to a sugar plantation since 1720, with records of rum distillation from as early as 1741. However, the estate's old distillery closed in the early 1960s due to an over-production crisis in Jamaica.

The Clarke family, who have owned the estate and its sugar refinery for a century, built a new distillery in Worthy Park in 2005. Since then they've been making a variety of light and high ester rums from their own molasses on a special double-retort copper pot still from Forsyths in Rothes, who make the vast majority of stills for the Scotch whisky industry.

Worthy Park 109 is a blend of 3-year-old light ester rum with unaged high ester rum to create a bold, rich unsweetened rum bottled at the traditional Navy strength of 54.5% (109 US Proof) and is just about perfect for a top-drawer rum and coke or a Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail.

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