A.H. Riise Family Reserve

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The A.H. RIISE Family Reserve is an exclusive blend made from the best distillates found in the West Indies and Central America – All aged in the finest old casks made of oak. It is the perfect combination of supreme quality and old traditions resulting in a beautiful, smooth, and delicate tasting experience but still with a powerful and characteristic “bite”. The A.H. RIISE Family Reserve is made in honor of the descendants of Albert Heinrich Riise, who to this day still meets every 5th year to celebrate their heritage and the relationship between present and future generations. The A.H. RIISE Family Reserve was served and enjoyed at this family gathering, and hopefully it will continue so to the family gatherings many years to come.

Tasting notes:

Color: Red-gold

Aroma: Dark spices and a hint of smoke. Pickled orange peel and umani

Taste: First fruit candy, followed by a more powerful note with light leather and cardemom

Aftertaste: Lemon vanilla cream with sprinkled cinnamon

Signature drink: Family Boost

  • 5cl Family Reserve
  • 1.5cl Orange Liqueur
  • 2.5cl Blackberry Dctary Supplement
  • 0.5cl Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1.5cl Ginger & Hibiscus
    • - Shake all with plenty of ice
    • - Fine strain into a coupe over fresh ice
    • Garnish with blackberries

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