North of Scotland 49 years 1971 - 2021 Single Cask "West" 5cl

North of Scotland 49 years 1971 - 2021 Single Cask "West" 5cl

Lowland Single Grain Scotch Whisky

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49 years
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Really old grain whisky has long been on our wish list. Besides the Cameronbridge 46 years 1974 - 2021 Single Cask "East" we also tasted a cask sample of this North of Scotland 49 years 1971 - 2021 Single Cask "West". As we could not choose, we decided to select both and bottled them as a series "East vs West" under the Boogieman Import label.

North of Scotland was founded in 1957 by George Chistie and closed its doors for good in 1980. The distillery was completely dismantled in 1993.

Within the walls of this grain distillery was also a pot still to produce malt whisky. This pot still was removed in 1959.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Golden brown.

Nose: Freshly roasted nuts. Cappuccino. Very nice wood aromas. Every time you bring this glass to your nose, a different smell comes out. As if you are waxing an old piece of furniture. So complex and oh so delicious.

Taste: Despite the 49 years, no splinters on the tonque. Subtly dry at the start. The age is clearly perceptible. Actually, all the ingredients of an old fashioned Christmas cake come forwards in the taste: sultanas, currants, bigarreaux (glacé cherries), candied orange zest, nutmeg, spices, chopped almonds and a hint of maple syrup at the end. We already know what will end our Christmas dinner with.

Finish: The nutty character in particular makes for a long mature finish.

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