Stauning Barley Limited Edition 5cl

Danish Single Malt Whisky

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Content Size
0.05 liter
Alcohol percentage
Cask number
5556 - 5563
Cask type
Madeira and Ruby Port Casks
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West Jutland barley grains bottled. This was the intend with Stauning Barley that only comes in limited supply: a bright and warm single malt whisky produced on local floor malted barley and matured firstly in Bourbon cask and a long finish in Port Ruby & Madeira casks.

Stauning Barley is a thoroughbred single malt whisky made from 100% local barley harvested from the fields around the distillery. The ambition behind Stauning Barley was to create a whisky that best reflect the Danish nature, landscape and fields around Stauning Whisky distillery.

Produced from local ingredients only, this non-smoked whisky has an intense flavour of ripe plums, pears and a charming taste of barley fields with notes of mild tobacco, vanilla, citrus peel and chocolade.

Tasting notes:

Nose: A lovely whiff of country life greets the nose. Malt, hops, ripe plums, pears with pepperish notes.

Taste: The mouth meets mild tobacco, malt, raisins, milk chocolade, plums and pears.

Finish: A gently burning sensation blends with notes of raisins and vanilla in the aftermath.

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