Compass Box Menagerie

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

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42.7% The Mortlach Distillery - Recharred Barrel (White Chocolate, Lemon Peel, Olied Leather)

14.6% The Deanston Distillery - Refill Hogshead (Green Apple, Hazelnut, Salami)

2.5% The Deanston Distillery - Refill Sherry-Seasoned Butt (Fruitcake, Maltiness, Meatiness)

16.7% Highland Malt Blend - Custom French Oak Barrel (Gingerbread, Red Apple, Toasted Oak)

13.1% The Glen Elgin Distillery - Recharred Barrel (Candle Wax, Papaya, Vanilla)

5% The Glen Elgin Distillery - Refill Sherry-Seasoned Butt (Wine, Clove, Leather)

5.4% The Laphroaig Distillery - Recharred Hogshead (Baebecue, Oils, Damp Earth)


Flavour profile:

Menagerie boasts a complex aroma of baking spices, leather, tar and musky fruits.

The palate is engagingly lush with even more fruit, while oily smoke and forest floor notes linger in the finish.

Serving recommendations:

Menagerie is at home with all manner of chocolates, but to really experience the call of the wild we recommend pairing with a naturally fermented sour beer, or a cold slice of game pie.

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