Ardbeg 30 years Very Old - Bot. 1990's

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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30 years
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Bottle code: LS67448

After thirty years maturing on a wild shoreline, our weatherbeaten malt has come to be regarded as the Old Man of the Sea.

Mellow and outstandingly smooth without losing any of its legendary stature.

Ardbeg is a 'big' whisky, among the smokiest of Islay Malts, with a pungent impact on the nose and palate.

Its aroma is a heavy tarred rope, with a hint og heather sweetness.

A lingering aftertaste leaves an Atlantic salt tang on the lips.

A demanding malt with a beachcomber character. Ardbeg 30 Years Old, produced in extremely limited quantities, is the authentic tast of Islay.

Tasting notes Serge Valentin: 91 points (WhiskyFun)

Colour: gold

Nose: needs time after the two rather monstrous 1972s, but the delicacy in it and the subtle notes of smoked teas win us over. High-end lapsang souchong, pipe tabacco, puerh, a little marmalade and the subtlest earthiness.

Mouth: a marvellous blend of lime tree tea, mint, rosemary, hawthorn, liquorice allsorts and 'smoky bubblegum' (for lack of better terms). All delicacy and elegance.

Finish: relatively short, but so elegant...

Comments: an old lady that would have a black belt in karate. As co-taste Sukhinder says, it's getting better and better as we're getting older.

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