Octomore 5 years Edition 02.1

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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0.7 liter
Alcohol percentage
5 years
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American Oak Casks
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Edition 02.1

Peat level 140 PPM

This, the second Octomore release, came out at a whacking 140ppm, but our uniquely slow trickle-distillation and elegant stills bring a whole new dimension to peated whisky – all the heady, peat smoke aromas with an elegance and creamy texture that belie its age. On the basis of the previous year’s lesson, we felt we had no choice but to dial up the already titanic peating of our original malted barley to create another whisky benchmark. Again Bruichladdich blazes a trail where others can only follow. Octomore 02.1 / 140 ppm: the Usain Bolt of the whisky world! Very limited edition.

Official Tasting Notes:

Character: A spirit for peatophiles. The most heavily peated single malt in the world but with a gentler side which evolves as time goes by.

Colour: Winter sun/Lemon grass.

Nose: Without water aromas of peat fires. iodine, burning heather and oily, sea-encrusted rope. Opening up to notes of Hawthorn, Birch, Myrtle and Juniper. Adding water, the Myrtle mint oiliness moves forward, clearing the path for notes of green apple and pine needle.

Palate: A total tempest of peaty marine spirit that leaves the palate mesmerised. Awesome does not even come close! The power of the spirit is as phenomenal as it is phenolic. It crashes onto the palate in a tidal wave of smoke, engulfing the senses with a mind-blowing whirlpool of Islay character.

Finish: 24 hours is about right!

Mood: Braveheart. Pugnacious, ready to take on the world. Face the monster and enjoy what is a totally unique experience.

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