Shipping costs per country

We can deliver your order to almost any country in the world.


Shipping costs EU countries

Maximum 18 bottles per order

No shipping to Belgium, Sweden and Finland

The Netherlands: € 7,95
Germany, Luxembourg and United Kingdom: € 9,95
France, Austria, Italy and Spain: € 11,95
Poland, Portugal and Ireland: € 15,95
Other European countries: starting at € 29,95

Shipping costs non-EU, European countries

Norway and Switzerland: € 49,95

Shipping costs outside Europe

For shipping outside Europe we use DHL Express

Parcels sent with DHL Express are usually delivered to your address within 3 working days.
This is a very reliable partner and the fastest shipping company to deliver your parcel safely to you. By using DHL Express, every parcel goes through local customs.

We will have to put the original invoice in the parcel so sometimes you will have to pay local taxes over your order. Taxes are different for each country and cannot be reclaimed from Passion for Whisky.

We do not charge Dutch VAT when you order from outside of the EU, but you will likely have to pay local taxes when your parcel enters your country.

1 - 3 bottles: max 5kg € 49,95
4 - 6 bottles: max 10kg € 79,95
7 - 9 bottles: max 15kg € 114,95
10 -12 bottles: max 20kg € 149,95

Payment fee +2.5%

Some bottles including packaging could be heavier than the average weight of 1.6 kg per bottle.

In case the total weight of your order is higher than the maximum weight, as indicated in the table above, we will send you a payment link for the remaining amount.



Our products are subject to VAT (Value Added Tax), within the EU this should not be an issue.

Any charges for customs clearance must be paid by you, the customer. We have no control whatsoever over these charges and do not know if they will be charged or not.

Please be aware that customs may damage or destroy the package. Passion for Whisky cannot be held responsible and as a result NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

If your order is returned to us by any customs or any authorities, we will refund the value of the items - SHIPPING WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

PLEASE NOTE - This is not just limited to certain countries, and information is still valid if customs or other regulatory body seizes the consignment.

Some countries have restrictions on the supply of alcohol products. The order you place maybe liable for local sales taxes and duties upon arrival in the destination country. Any additional charges are entirely the responsibility of the addressee/recipient.

For further information - we recommend that you contact your local customs/government office for further information.

We will dispatch to your country at THE CUSTOMER'S RISK, and we cannot guarantee delivery.

Customs may impound/sieze or open for inspection and as a result will delay their delivery to you.

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