Shipping costs outside Europe

Shipping costs outside Europe


Australia, China, HongKong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan:
max 5kg - indication 1 to 3 bottles:  € 59,95
max 10kg - indication 4 to 6 bottles:  € 99,95
max 20kg - indication 7 to 12 bottles:  € 159,95
Argentina, Colombia, Israel
max 5kg - indication 1 to 3 bottles:  € 79,95
max 10kg - indication 4 to 6 bottles:  € 129,95
max 20kg - indication 7 to 12 bottles:  € 194,95

Some bottles including packaging could be heavier than the average weight of 1.6kg per bottle. As a result, your order may end up in a higher shipping costs category.

Payment and insurance fee +3.5%


International Customs and Damage Cover

For all deliveries outside of the EU, Dutch VAT will not be charged. However, your order will be subject to local taxes and duties upon arrival in your country.

Any charges for customs clearance must be paid by you.

For further information we recommend to contact your local customs.

Please be aware that customs could:

  • damage or destroy the package
  • impound the package
  • open the package for inspection (which could delay delivery)
  • return the package

Passion for Whisky cannot be held responsible and as a result no refund will be given.

If your order is returned to us, we will refund the value of the items after arrival. Shipping costs will not be refunded.


Insured shipping

We want all our customers to receive their order in perfect condition and we do the best we can to wrap all parcels in the best possible way.

In more than 99% of all cases the orders arrive undamaged and in perfect condition at the recipient.

Unfortunately it is not possible to send a product with an ABV above 24% insured via the carrier.

A liquid with an ABV above 24% is considered by the carriers as a flammable substance and therefore cannot be insured!

If you choose to have your parcel shipped without insurance THIS RISK IS COMPELETELY YOURS.

In the unlikely event that something happens during transport (damaged or lost goods), WE WILL NOT COMPENSATE.


If you want 100% certainty, please use our insurance service.

You can insure your shipment for only 1% of the purchase price (price of the goods).

In the unlikely event that something happens during transport, all damage will be compensated.

In this case, please contact our customer service ( as soon as possible!

We require photographs of any damage including all the packaging for insurance purposes:

  1. Photograph of the total package where the shipping label is clearly visible.
  2. Photographs showing the detail of the damage or faulty items. We also need a picture that clearly shows the seal intact on the damaged or broken bottle.
  3. Please retain the product, box and all packaging until instructed by us.

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