Stauning Bastard

Danish Rye Whisky

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0.7 liter
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Mezcal Cask Finish
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The wind from the North Sea mixes blood with the desert of Mexico in this double-distilled rye whisky aged in old mezcal casks. An illegal love affair with a gentle and exotic aftertaste.

Stauning Bastard a rye whisky made purely of local ingredients, malted on the floor at our distillery and double-distilled in flame-heated pot stills. After three years in new, toasted virgin American oak casks, it has been rounded off with 6-months ageing in old mezcal casks from Mexican Oro de Oaxaca.

The result is an elegant love child whose equal you won't find anywhere else in this world.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Sweet pipe tobacco smoke, raisins, oat biscuit, citrus, oak

Taste: Tobacco, vanilla, barley, dried fruit, cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses, shortbread, oak

Finish: Long sweet, slightly smoky, salty, brown sugar, pepper

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