The Akkeshi New Born 3 Foundations Series 20cl

Japanese Single Malt Spirit

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0.2 liter
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Hokkaido Mizunara Cask

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Thick, salty fog from the sea. Pure, clean air. Rich peat deposits. The distillery began distilling in 2016 in Akkeshi, Hokkaido, in the rural north of Japan, in the belief that it would provide an ideal environment to produce the profile of the new, unprecedented Japanese whisky they are seeking. In the midst of Japan's beautiful northern wilderness, maturation proceeds day-by-day.

"Foundations" represents the Dream, Beginning, Establishment and Birth of a new era in Japanese whisky.

Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 3" is a vatted blend of non-peated malts matured for 8-23 months in casks made from the rare Mizunara Oak.

This is the first product matured in casks crafted from 100% Mizunara Oak grown locally here in Hokkaido.

Bottled at 55% alcohol by volume with a fragrant aroma of brown sugar, vanilla, and fresh melon infused with spice notes of nutmeg.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Brown sugar, vanilla, and fresh melon infused with spice notes of nutmeg

Palate: Bitter chocolate and sugar syrup with a layer of tangerine zest

Finish: White pepper and bitter chocolate with a hint of fragrant wood

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