Pierre Ferrand Légendaire

Cognac Grande Champagne

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Distillery / brand
Ugni Blanc
Content Size
0.7 liter
Alcohol percentage
60 - 100 years
Cask type
Zebra Cask
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The Birth of Légendaire

This one-of-a-kind very old cognac that you are about to bring to your lips has reached the pinnacle of ageing. Légendaire, a magnificent 100% Grande Champagne Premier Cru de Cognac, is timeless, having spanned generations. 

When it reaches peak perfection, as determined by Ferrand Cognac Master Blender, Alexandre Gabriel, the ancient barrels are transferred into a zebra wooden cask where the magic of the assemblage takes place. Ferrand Cognac practices the ancient techniques of restaving by replacing two or three old staves every couple of years. This repairs the barrel and lightly brings new tannins to the ageing
cognac, adding to the overall complexity, and also giving the barrel a colorfully striped effect. This zebra cask holds all 500 bottles that will be produced every year. No more, no less.

Following the assemblage of these very old cognacs in the zebra cask, this dignified cognac is meticulously transferred, at barrel-proof, to a crystal carafe as awe-inspiring as the liquid that it holds. 

Removing the monogrammed bottle stopper from the crystal carafe reveals Légendaire’s age. Notes of rancio, from generations of maturation, bring forth aromas of chocolate, prune, sandalwood, tobacco, and nutmeg. A floral and fruity profile follows with dried rose, jasmine, saffron, passionfruit, and old port wine.

The final nectar is nothing short of sublime. Creamy and full, the influence of time and history imparts an opulent quality of lavish spices such as cloves, cardamom, pepper, and paprika, all coated in the richness of toffee, almond, vanilla, and honey. A final evolution to a fruity profile of mandarin, blackberry, and hawthorn come together with moss, cocoa, and frankincense to increase the sensation of depth.

Légendaire is truly that: legendary.

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