Official Chichibu Store ( since 2020 )

Chichibu Store
( since 2020 )

Wine and Whisky Specialist Van der Boog (the physical store of is one of the five Official Chichibu Stores in the Netherlands, a privilege that many fellow retailers rightly envy. Quality and exclusivity are our top priority. We carry the Chichibu ambassadorship with pride!

Chichibu is one of the most coveted distilleries in Japan and the availability in the Netherlands is very limited. The distillery opened its doors in 2008 and the success since then is unprecedented. Chichibu is recognized both within and outside of Japan as one of the best Japanese whiskeys available today.

Chichibu Core Range

Chichibu Ichiro's
Malt & Grain

This bottling was created by combining various malt and grain whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, Canada & America from 3 to 20 years old- looking for the optimal balance. Chichibu Ichiro Malt & Grain whiskey is characterized as fruity, lively and harmonious. Soft notes of peach, apricot, chocolate, vanilla and candy form the aroma. On the palate, rich notes of toffee initially emerge before giving way to barley, gingerbread, tropical fruits, tobacco and pepper. The finish is medium-length and combines vanilla with exotic fruits.

Chichibu Ichiro's
Malt Mizunara Wood Reserve

The return of a legendary whisky from Ichiro Akuto, formerly of the Hanyu distillery and now founder and distiller at Chichibu. This is a blend of malt whiskies from his extensive stocks, including whisky aged in mizunara - fragrant Japanese oak. Mizunara is extremely rare and only available in very limited quantities for the whisky industry to make barrels from. It is a unique fragrance and adds a refined and almost incense-like atmosphere to this whisky.

Chichibu Ichiro's
Malt Wine Wood Reserve

Ichiro Akuto, founder of the Japanese distillery Chichibu, is not only one of the country's most respected distillers, but he is also a masterful whiskey blender. His Wine Wood Reserve is a blended malt with Japanese whiskies from Chichibu that have been finished in red wine barrels and Scotch whisky. The result is a rich and spicy dram with lots of complexity.

Chichibu Ichiro's
Malt Double Distilleries

Ichiro's Malt Double Distilleries is a marriage of barrels from the Hanyu and Chichibu distilleries; pure malt combining sweetness and brevity.

The sweetness is due in part to aging in Japanese oak barrels. The brevity is due to the ex-sherry and hogshead barrels that the malt from the Hanyu distillery benefited from.

In addition to the Chichibu Core Range, other limited-edition bottlings are also released, such as the Intergalactic Series.

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