whisky investing

whisky investing

Investing in whisky can be an extremely lucrative investment these days. If you manage to get hold of the right bottles then a very nice return is achievable. 

Historically, whisky is even among the best investments of the last few decades.

Single Malt Whisky has been around for centuries, yet it has only been very popular for about twenty years. This is also why there are relatively few really old whiskies available. The bottles of single malt whiskey purchased in the 1980s and 1990s have all experienced an increase in value of at least 300% and there are even bottles known to be worth 40 to 50 times the original purchase price today.

Today, investing in whisky is not as easy as it seems. The aforementioned increases in value are currently the exception rather than the rule. As with any other investment, knowledge is very important in order to achieve a nice return.

We, at Passion for Whisky, have been active in the whisky market since the 1980s. So with the knowledge and experience it is all right. In recent years we have helped thousands of enthusiasts and investors to build up a beautiful whisky portfolio.

The annual return on whisky has averaged 8.6% over the past 15 years, but with our knowledge and guidance a minimum of 10% per year is very realistic. This is due in part to a combination of several factors, including limited production, increasing demand, ongoing consumption and rising production costs.

The production of high-end and exclusive whisky is very limited, and because whisky takes many years to mature, it will not be able to increase very much any time soon. The demand for luxury and exclusive whiskies is also rising sharply. This is due to the global strong economic growth and the increasing interest in single malt whisky 

In addition to collecting and investing in whisky, whisky is primarily a beverage that is consumed. The number of whiskey drinkers is also increasing every year, which will further increase the demand for whiskey. The production of whisky is mostly human work. Something that cannot easily be replaced by machines or computers. Because of this, we also see an upward trend in the production costs of whisky.

Besides a nice return, investing in whisky should also become a bit of a hobby. The whisky world is a fun world. You meet other enthusiasts at tastings and festivals. You can travel to visit the distilleries of the bottles you have at home and what is better than enjoying the beautiful bottles in your collection with a nice glass in your hand.

Have you become enthusiastic and do you want to know if we can do something for you regarding investing in whisky, please contact us without any obligation. We invite you to enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice glass of whiskey and to see if we can put together a nice package. We do not work with ready-made packages, but only deliver custom-made products.

If you would like to browse among the investment-worthy bottles yourself, feel free to take a look at our Exclusive page.