Royal Lochnagar 12 years

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Distillery / brand
Content Size
0.7 liter
Alcohol percentage
12 years
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Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Amber.

Body: Medium-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel.

Nose: A relatively closed nose. Planed wood, light toffee, boat varnish. Linseed oil behind, even putty, and later a lychee-like acidity. With water, the acidity comes up (acid drops), and the nose sweetens. Still a pleasant fresh woodiness or leatheriness, the varnish now supported by artists turpentine. Warm sand. After a while, coffee dregs with brown sugar. Not an obvious nose, however.

Palate: This delicate malt offers fruits, planed wood, and light toffee. The palate is sweet before gaining in acidity.

Finish: Dry; medium-length, with an attractive lingering sandalwood aftertaste. Sharp and well-balanced.

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