Ben Nevis 8 years 2012- 2021 #2086 5cl

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Ben Nevis 8 years 2012- 2021 #2086 5cl
  • Ben Nevis 8 years 2012- 2021 #2086 5cl

Ben Nevis 8 years 2012- 2021 #2086 5cl

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

BottlerRoger's Whisky Company
Distillery / brandBen Nevis
RangeRoger's Vintage Selection
Content Size0.05 liter
Age8 years
Cask number2086
Cask typeBourbon Cask
Number of bottles330
Flavour ProfilesFull bodied and spicy
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"My fourth bottling is a new whisky in the Vintage Selection range. This whisky is a nice contrast to my previous Ben Nevis bottling in the same range. No peat or sherry maturation here, but a nice, layered bourbon cask matured bottle. The label is in the same style as the Ben Nevis in Drop 2, but there’s a clear summery vibe to it, as there is to the whisky."

The Whisky

This is a classic bourbon cask matured Ben Nevis, but with a distinctly summery style to it.

The spirit was distilled and filled in the cask on the 19th of December in 2012. It was bottled on the 20th of August at an age of 8 years, but we can say it’s almost 9 years old.

There were 330 bottles filled from the cask. Each bottle is hand numbered. Of course the whisky is non-chill filtered and not coloured.

The whisky is bottled at a strength of 54%, in my opinion the best strength for enjoying this particular whisky.

The Label

I wanted the label to fit with the label of my other Ben Nevis whisky, but then in a more summery mood. That’s why it depicts the same scenery with the Ben Nevis mountain in the background, but now with more summer fruits and people relaxing near the lake as if they are on summer holiday.

The colours are also clearly more summery than the previous bottling in this series. But next to each other you see they make a nice complementary set.

My friend Andrew (@whiskyhobo on insta) was the artist for the label, and he did an excellent job again!

Roger’s tasting notes:

Nose: Sweet butterscotch and honey grates. Fragrant and full, perfume like. After even a short time in the glass this then changes into fresh orange juice and orange zest, tropical fruits, lychee, supported again by the butterscotch.

Taste: Well rounded, milk chocolate sweetness, white grapes and summer fruit.

Finish: Just a touch sparkly, fresh orange juice and lingering like a nice summer evening.

Tasting notes by Thijs Klaverstijn - Words of Whisky: Score 86/100

The previous Ben Nevis by Roger’s Whisky Company was heavily peated and sherry matured. His latest release from Ben Nevis is the exact opposite – unpeated and from a bourbon cask. The Ben Nevis 2012 8 Years from Roger’s Whisky Company is about as naked a whisky as you’ll find.

Nose: Typical sour Ben Nevis notes with touches of copper, but also powdered sugar, vegetal elements, yeast, barley husks and sheep’s wool. Then there are some preserved lemons, lychees and just a whiff of chalk. Extremely pure.

Taste: Oily mouthfeel with touches of sweet porridge, a waxy hint and more of those barley husks, but also already some soft fruits like lemon peel and apricots. Finally some spicy notes, think nutmeg and cloves.

Finish: Underripe banana peel, burlap and some lemon. Medium in length.

Conclusion: One for the purists, this is all about the excellent Ben Nevis spirit. Craft whisky from a blue chip distillery, and an excellent pick by Roger's Whisky Company.

Ben Nevis 8 years 2012- 2021 #2086 5cl

Ben Nevis 8 years 2012- 2021 #2086 5cl

€ 8,95

€ 7,40 (excl. vat)

In stock