Canerock Spiced Rum

Jamaican Spiced Rum

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Over three years, the experts at Ferrand tested their way through around 90 different recipes until the result was right: Canerock is Jamaican rum flavoured with Madagascar vanilla, coconut pulp and natural spices from Jamaica such as ginger. The rum base of the "Finest Spiced Spirit" is an authentic spirit that is traditionally produced and fully reflects the terroir of its country of origin, Jamaica. For this, Ferrand relies on the expertise of the legendary distilleries Clarendon and Long Pond.
The rums for the blend mature for up to 3 years. A small proportion is even stored for at least 5 and up to 10 years. American oak casks are used for this purpose, with 10-15% of the rums being allowed a finish in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. Production, maturation and flavouring result in a full-bodied and complex bouquet with aromas of pastry, vanilla, coffee beans, dark chocolate and coconut. Sweet caramel notes, light spice and sultanas on the palate are joined by allspice and oak tannins. The finish is spicy and sweet at the same time with notes of poppy seed cake, dark cherries, plums, coconut and the freshness of mint, ginger and cloves.

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