Auction instructions and conditions You must log into your account to participate in auctions. If you don't have an account, register here.Next, place your maximum bid. Your bid will be automatically raised until your maximum bid is reached. If bids are tied, the earliest bidder's bid will be used. You will receive an email when you are overbid.Attention: A bid is binding and cannot be cancelled. As the winning bidder you are obligated to pay the bid price for the item in question.When a bid is placed in the last minute of the auction, the auction will be extended by 1 minute.When the auction is closed bidders will be notified per email as to whether their bid won or not. The winning bidder will receive a link to log into their account and view won auction items. From here you can place won auction items into your cart and complete payment.There are no extra costs associated with the auctions. You pay only the amount of the winning bid. If you want the items delivered you may be charged for shipping costs.

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