Brora 20 years 1982 - 2003

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Brora 20 years 1982 - 2003
  • Brora 20 years 1982 - 2003
  • Brora 20 years 1982 - 2003

Brora 20 years 1982 - 2003

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

BottlerDistillery bottling
Distillery / brandBrora
RangeRare Malts Selection
Content Size0.7 liter
Age20 years
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Brora 20 years 1982 - 2003 Rare Malts Selection

Origin and bottling

This Single Malt Whisky was distilled in 1982 and bottled in April 2003 after a maturation of more than 20 years. This was done by the owner of Brora, Diageo, which is why we also refer to it as a Distillery Bottling. This Brora is bottled at cask strength as part of the much acclaimed series: Rare Malts Selection.

Cask type

For this particular bottling, it is not known what cask type was used for maturation. Most of the Brora has matured in oak casks previously used for sherry and to a lesser extent for Bourbon Whiskey. It is plausible to think that a combination of both was used.

Tasting notes


Straw yellow


In the first scent, the coastal character is particularly apparent. Fishing lines drying on the quay. Also fresh citrus, dried ginger and old tropical fruit as in dried mange or pineapple. The aroma gets more and more beautiful the longer we leave the glass. Later, more oily scents and a hint of petrol emerge.


Despite the smell being fresh and fruity, the taste comes across as mildly sweet. Minerals (yet a hint of salt) also give body to this delicious whisky from the North of Scotland. Fatty, meaty and brimming with character. The flavour reveals more with every sip. Mild wood aromas and then finally a hint of peat. But very much in the background and beautifully balanced.


Long lingering and all the scents and flavours come through again.

Overall impression

Very much not a Brora like they were produced in the early 1970s. Here the peat is nicely in the background and the coastal character comes much more to the fore. So not a classic, but a Brora for the lover of mild peaty Broras.

Brora Distillery

Brora Distillery is located in the Scottish Highlands, near the coastal town of Brora in Sutherland. Founded in 1819 by the Marquis of Stafford, the distillery was originally known as Clynelish. In 1968, a new Clynelish Distillery was built next to the original one, which was then renamed Brora. The distillery produced until 1983, after which it closed, but its whiskies from that period have achieved legendary status.

A specific feature of Brora whisky is the use of peated malt during certain periods of production, which resulted in a robust and smoky flavour profile, with notes of sea salt, leather and subtle fruitiness. This unique combination of flavours made Brora whisky highly sought after by whisky lovers, collectors and investors.

In 2021, Diageo reopened Brora Distillery after an extensive restoration. The reopening marks a new era for Brora, with the distillery building on its rich heritage and traditional production methods. Brora's revival brings one of the most respected names in Scotch back into production, to the delight of whisky connoisseurs worldwide.

Brora 20 years 1982 - 2003

Brora 20 years 1982 - 2003

€ 2.699,95

(0% vat)

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