Hampden Estate 5 years 2016 - 2021 The Younger LROK

Pure Single Jamaican Rum

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Distillery / brand
Content Size
0.7 liter
Alcohol percentage
5 years
Cask type
Ex-Bourbon Cask

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The respective concentration of the esters is expressed in the marques.

LROK (Light Rum Owen Kelly) stands for strong rums with an ester content between 200 and 400 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol.

The marque has been produced at Hampden Estate since 1952 - but only recently the traditional distillery launched Hampden 2010 LROK, an owner bottling in the well-known design of the Standard range, for the first time.

Due to the great demand, the Jamaicans are now adding Hampden 2016 LROK The Younger.

With its 5-year ripening period, the rum shows a new side of the distillery.

Hampden 2016 LROK The Younger combines the aromatic intensity of tropical ripening with the freshness of a young rum.

With an ester content of 314.8 g / hlpa and an overall high proportion of flavor-bearing congeners, exotic flavors from mango to fresh pineapple juice and orange peel to cloves unfold.

Base: molasses

Distillation: Pot Still

Brand: LROK, 314.8 g / hlpa

Congeners content: 1,567.1 g / hlpa

Angels' Share: > 34%

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