Port Ellen 22 years 1976 - 1998 #4755

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Port Ellen 22 years 1976 - 1998 #4755
  • Port Ellen 22 years 1976 - 1998 #4755

Port Ellen 22 years 1976 - 1998 #4755

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

BottlerSignatory Vintage
Distillery / brandPort Ellen
Content Size0.7 liter
Age22 years
Cask number4755
Number of bottles268
Flavour ProfilesHeavily peated
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Port Ellen 22 years 1976 - 1998 #4755

Discover a bygone era of whisky distillation with the Port Ellen 22 years 1976 - 1998 #4755, bottled by Signatory Vintage - a rare piece of Islay liquid history.

Tasting note


With an enchanting nose, this whisky unfolds a complex bouquet of aromas. The first impression reveals sea salt mixed with a light peat smoke, typical of Islay's signature style, followed by subtle layers of citrus and dry fruits reminiscent of figs and dates. Underlying notes of antique leather and wet earth enrich the olfactory experience with a deep, nostalgic resonance.


The flavour is a masterful balance of strength and fineness. This single malt indulges the palate with a soft sweetness of caramel and honey, surprisingly contrasting with the robust smokiness one expects. Dried herbs and a touch of freshly ground black pepper add to the complexity. This whisky has exceptional depth, made possible by the patient 22-year ageing process in oak casks.


The finish is long and memorable; a fusion of smouldering peat and salty sea breeze that slowly fades to a delicate sweetness and finishes with a gentle oak note that leaves the drinker longing for another sip.

Port Ellen Distillery

Port Ellen Distillery is located on the south coast of the island of Islay, near the village of the same name. Founded in 1825 by Alexander Kerr Mackay and later taken over by John Ramsay in 1836, Port Ellen has a rich history, but sadly closed in 1983. The distillery quickly gained legendary status among whisky lovers.

A specific feature of Port Ellen was its pronounced peat smoke, resulting in whiskies with a deep, smoky flavour. The distillery used traditional copper pot stills and used water from the nearby Leorin Lochs. The whiskies were mainly matured in ex-bourbon casks, which contributed to the balance of sweet and smoky notes.

Port Ellen whiskies are known for their complex flavour profiles with notes of seaweed, medicinal smoke, sea salt and a subtle sweetness. Despite the closure, the remaining bottles remain in high demand and are often seen as collectibles and investment items.

The reopening of the distillery, on 19 March 2024, has raised much anticipation among whisky lovers worldwide, who are hoping for a revival of this iconic Islay single malt whisky.

Port Ellen 22 years 1976 - 1998 #4755

Port Ellen 22 years 1976 - 1998 #4755

€ 1.652,85

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