Cooley 1999 - 2012

Irish Single Malt Whiskey

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PLEASE NOTE! The capsule is partially torn open.

Tasting notes by Serge Valentin ( 87/100

Thosop used to be a wee company operated by our friend Luc Timmermans, before he handed over the wheel to The Whiskyman.

Colour: straw.

Nose: a light peat and some rather elegant whiffs of all kinds of precious teas. Certainly wulong! Lime, then pine sap and eucalyptus. Much freshness. With water: more raw Islayness (I know), with seaweed, antiseptic, garden bonfire, band-aid, and just whiffs of ‘a working kiln’.

Mouth (neat): smashingly excellent. Extremely precise, zesty, unexpectedly salty (come on, you added some salt to this little Cooley, didn’t you), and, just like the first indie peated Cooleys by Cadenhead, pretty Ardbeggian. Don’t try this blind in front of your best whisky buddies, especially if your fiancée is around ;-). With water: loses point here, it gets a tad cardboardy and feinty. Just a tad. Ha, water!

Finish: long, curiously vegetal. Beans? Grass for sure.

Comments: I was ready to go very far, until the finish. But this will remain a high score, which should tell you about the rest (nobody’s following you anymore at this point, S., you may drop cryptic writing).

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