Wagging Finger Admiraal de Ruijter Gin

Distillery / brand
The Netherlands
Content Size
0.7 liter
Alcohol percentage

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Wagging Finger is straigthforward, no-nonsense combined with a typical Dutch twist. All of Wagging Finger's endeavours are undertaken under the watchful eye of "Willemijn", their great great grandmother. Down to earth, strict but with a good sense of humor. She was no stranger to the Wagging Ginger...

This Gin is one of the special releases... The difference can either be a new recipe regarding the used botanicals, ageing in the best quality oak casks, a higher bottling strength or a combination of all three. These releases are limited to a few hundred bottles so it is safe to say that they are pretty exclusive. They represent Wagging Finger's will to experiment and are proof of their ongoing search for the best distillates. Enjoy!

Batch no.1

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